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We are OPEN!!
Finally!! Studio reopen after 6 months of closure!!
We miss everyone and looking forward to go back to drawing and painting!!
In order to ensure everyone safety, we are following all guidelines by public health and making the following

  • Reducing class size to 4 students per class and ensure physical distancing.
  • All instructors and parents must wearing Face- masks.
  • Take daily temperature of staff and children when they arrived.
  • Make sure all students and staffs wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival .
  • Sanitizing all class areas after each class
  • No Parents allowed inside the class area. Wait at the front or outside the studio for pick up.
  • Bring your own pencil, eraser and colour pencil. NO sharing of materials.

We look forward to welcoming you back and continues to create artworks!

  • 將每班學生人數減少到4名學生,並確保身體距離。
  • 所有的老師和父母都必須戴口罩。
  • 到達時獲取工作人員和孩子們的體溫。
  • 確保所有的學生和職員在抵達時都要洗手或消毒。
  • 每次上課後對所有上課區域進行消毒
  • 內不允許有父母。 家長可以在教室外面或外面等
  • 帶上自己的鉛筆,橡皮和彩色鉛筆。 不共享材料。

我們期待著您的重返, 繼續創作藝術!
Click HERE for class Schedule or click above.
** Please call before decide your class time. As of now, not all class time are open. Thanks!**

** 請您決定上課時間之前致電画室。 截至目前,並不是所有的課堂時間都開放, 謝謝。**